Copyright © 2000 - All rights reserved to Kaleidoscope    

Copyright © 2000 - All rights reserved to Kaleidoscope    

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Dandie Dinmont Terriers

Who is Kaleidoscope Alpacas?

We are Doug Young and Kathleen Mayer.  Animals have always been a part of our lives.

Kaleidoscope Alpacas was selected as our  farm name to reflect our fascination with the many color variations exhibited by alpacas.

We also want alpacas that are approachable - the type that would walk up to you looking for a handout. For that reason we've taken a hands-on approach to our farm. Be prepared when you enter our pasture to be surrounded by the "kids" - all of them looking for treats.

Doug has been involved in the breeding and exhibition of pure-bred dogs for over 35 years . Breeding top-winning show dogs (specifically, Dandie Dinmont Terriers) has taught him that "quality begets quality".  Operating as Montizard Dandie Dinmont Terriers, he has produced numerous Champions, as well as Best in Show, Group and Specialty winners.

Kathleen has been raising and exhibiting Anatolian Shepherds at AKC events for the past seven years operating as Tamoora Anatolians. With a focus on breeding dogs  that are as comfortable in the show ring as they are protecting livestock, Kathleen has produced a line of dependable working dogs that are in great demand.

The "lessons learned" in breeding exceptional quality dogs will play an important role in our mission to breed exceptional quality Alpacas.

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