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Before the first alpacas arrived at Kaleidoscope Alpacas, we decided to take precautions to protect our animals from unwanted intruders.  

Knowing a little something about dogs (over 50 years of combined experience in the care, training and rearing of pure-bred dogs), and being familiar with many of the livestock guardian dog (LGD) breeds, we knew that using a livestock guardian  to protect our herd was the way to go!

The alpacas at Kaleidoscope Alpacas are protected by Anatolian Shepherds.  

If you are considering using an LGD to protect your livestock, you need to understand that raising and training them is done differently than raising a house pet.  

With the increasing interest in the use of LGDs, and the subsequent problems that can develop from inexperienced owners, problems are just waiting to happen.  As an educational service, we offer workshops and seminars on the care, selection and training of LGDs -

We offer workshops and seminars on the selection, raising and training of LGDs.  

LGD Resource: go to for information on each of the livestock guardian dog breeds

Livestock Protection Dogs: Selection, Care and Training by  Dawydiak and Sims.

Excellent reference that explains the work of the livestock protection dog, characteristics of the various breeds, puppy testing and selection, training, care, health and breeding.

On July 31st, 2007 two extremely large coy-dogs climbed the fence into our pasture and came at Kate.  Amir sprang into action and attacked the intruders... probably saving Kate’s life.

Since then, Amir has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He was a remarkable of kind.  His story is now available in book form. Amir - on how to live a good and happy life.

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Amir represented everything you could want from a dog...friend, guardian, playmate and life-saving hero.